Financial Reasons to Stop Drinking fizzy drinks and Soda ?>

Financial Reasons to Stop Drinking fizzy drinks and Soda

If saving money motivates and inspires you to kick a bad habit like drinking fizzy drinks, here are the top 3 financial reasons to quit and forever stop taking and drinking soda and fizzy drinks.

money1. The out of pocket cost and value of drinking pop or fizzy drinks adds up.

The average American person in all the awesome states of America drinks two hundred and sixteen liters of fizzy drinks or soda and that is seven thousand three hundred and four ounces, or about thirty-six thousand five hundred and twenty ounces bottle a year, this number is shocking and surprising while at the same time perplexing. If you purchased or bought your soda or fizzy drink only at any vending machine in the states of America, that is about five hundred and fifty dollars/ year. If, instead, you decide to save and put this whole amount of money into a retirement account for thirty years at a seven percent interest rate compounded annually, you would have a whooping sixty thousand dollars. Even if you buy your soda or fizzy drink at your local nearby grocery store for forty cents a can, that is still two hundred and forty-three dollars per year and over twenty-six thousand dollars over thirty years.

2. You will make poorer and unintelligent financial decisions by drinking fizzy drinks or diet soda.

A research study and report that was dome across all the states of America looking and scrutinizing a persons’ ways and thoughts in making a decision after drinking soda or a fizzy drink found out that sugar-free fizzy drinkers or soda drinkers were more likely and capable to making the decision of choosing the immediate reward and outcome, even though it clearly was less and inadequate money and not the best and intelligent overall decision. ” This exactly shows that the constant taking or drinking fizzy drinks hampers and clouds the decision making of the fizzy drinker. Hence if you want to save money for that special gift for the person special in your life and your constantly take fizzy drink, you need to stop taking fizzy drinks as it consumes so much of your money and you won’t be able to buy that special gift for the special person in your life.


3. The long term health consequences of taking fizzy drinks lead to high medical bills and expenses.

Fizzy drinks cause a lot of health complications to a person taking them. This usually happens after taking fizzy drinks for a very long time like 5 years and so on. The more you take the fizzy drinks the more you complicate your health complications. Fizzy drinks increase your blood pressure, they cause diabetes, they make you fat, they lead to heart diseases and kidney stones among many other health complications. If you already had a health complication like cancer and you have been taking fizzy drinks, then you contract diabetes because of the fizzy drinks, you will have so many health bills to cater for hampering your ability to buy the awesome present for the special person in your life. If you been trying cut your weight by hitting the gym, drinking soda is regressive as you will be gaining weight than losing weight hence you will pay more to go to the gym constantly.

In the long run fizzy drinks are quite expensive though they seem cheap when you buy them.

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