Reasons why we should stop drinking sodas ?>

Reasons why we should stop drinking sodas

Soft drinks are always the first thing one thinks of while feeling hungry and is in the middle of nowhere. When one is travelling, the only drink they carry with them is a soft drink because they are portable and easily accessed. Some people go as far as making them their daily food and always include soft drinks as a must in their meals. Health education has always been done on the discouragement of drinking sodas because it is not good for us. Though we try stopping but there is always this one thing that is always bringing us back but it is always a good idea for people to stop using soft drinks. Below are some of the reasons why we should stop using soft drinks;



Sodas are expensive and one can only realize that after getting broke, the price of a soda is enough to buy a meal for approximately two people. It will drain your pockets by making poor financial decisions and only realize that you become poorer as you continue with the habit of taking soft drinks. Make a plan to save the money you planned to give for sodas and then buy a present for someone you love – for example you can get some quite good and unusual ideas for presents here.


Drinking sodas will lead to health risks such as increase in blood pressure, they also destroy teeth, drinking in several occasions may make one grow fat, it may lead to diabetes since it contains a lot of sugar, it increases the risks of heart disease, it causes heartburn and many more.

Environmental problems


A lot of water is used to produce a bottle of soda making water levels to reduce in most areas where soft drinks are produced, fuel is required in transportation of sodas as well as bottles which also require a lot of fuel for their production. The ingredients also have to be disposed and not all of them are removed in a sewage but some are exposed to the environment where people live and in water.


Many of us have realized that drinking sodas is not a good idea, many countries don’t drink much soda but have a little consumption of it. Soda contains high levels of pesticides and insecticides enough to cause cancer, damage the nervous and reproductive system, it can also cause a disruption to the immune system.


Apart from soda, there are many other drinks that one can take such as tap water, tea or fresh blended juice instead of soda.

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