Soft Drinks: What You Should Know ?>

Soft Drinks: What You Should Know


A large percentage of the population is addicted to daily consumption of soda. Well, this is no surprise bearing in mind that soda is very tasty, it is cheap, is available everywhere and in addition, some soft drinks contain caffeine which makes it even more addictive. However, did you know that soda does you more harm than good? Here is information about the dangers that soda poses to your health:

Soda contains mainly water, added sugars, carbon dioxide to make it fizzy and some contain caffeine. This is mainly to say that you consuming soda has no nutritional benefits.

The huge amounts of refined sugars contained in soda means addition of extra calories for every can consumed. These sugars are directly deposited to the body and are major reasons for weight gain and eventually obesity.

These rapidly absorbed sugars contained in soda makes it hard for the body to keep up with the increasing need to secrete insulin needed to process that sugar. This eventually causes low insulin levels, putting your body at a danger of developing the dreaded diabetes.

When you consume soda, you are putting yourself at a risk of developing weak bones, especially in children. This is mainly because soda displaces calcium rich milk from the diet, leading to calcium deficiency. Another factor that leads to weakening of bones is the acidity found in some sodas leading to calcium loss.

Did you know that sodas are a major cause of dental caries and tooth decay? Well, the soda acidity dissolves the enamel’s mineral content leading to weaker and more sensitive teeth that are highly prone to decay. The effect of soda is even worse than that of the sugar in candy!

Due to the imbalances caused by the acidity of cola, the body uses calcium from your bones to bring a balance. During the process of eliminating this calcium, your body faces the risk of developing kidney stones which would eventually cause damage to your kidney.